The End of HAMP: An Introduction to Proprietary Modification

Mod 101

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RR Compliance Consulting in collaboration with Max Gardner Consumer Defense Academy is making available, for a limited time, recordings of webinars that are a must have for your practice.

In over 30 hours of recordings, O. Max Gardner and Roberto Rivera
will be covering the following topics:

Understanding Servicers and Investors
Vocabulary / Proprietary Modification Basics
The Interview
Income (Mortgage vs. Modification vs. Bankruptcy)
Regulations X & Z Introduction
Flex Modification
FHA Modification


In Addition:

+ New Webinars: Sharing our experience with specific Servicer Programs: Wells Fargo, BOA, Chase, Ocwen, SLS, Shellpoint, Selene, Rushmore, Caliber and More!

+ Unlimited access to recordings PLUS any updates

+ PLUS new Webinars on Trends

+ Case Law updates on Reg X Z cases

+ Case Law Updates on Modification cases

+ Recording Mod 101: Step by Step Modification Procedures (recommended best practices, due diligence)



Option 1: Loan Mods/Regs X&Z (3-Month Membership)*

This option is recommended for attorneys who want to understand the major concepts. We also strongly recommend this option for attorneys and staff that have not attended one of our seminars.


Max Gardner Boot Campers/Previous attendees of RRCC Seminars/Non Profits: $300
First Timers: $600

Option 2:
Loan Mods/Regs X&Z (Monthly Membership)*


$150 per month

This option is recommended for attorneys and staff who want a deeper understanding of programs available per investor and servicer. It also provides a forum to monitor and share experiences. We have created this option due to demand on the market for it. Too many attorneys are flying solo, or may have their “go to” expert or staff member who is only relying on their experience. This forum will give that “go to” person a support system and group to collaborate with.

This is a limited offer, although we have not determined the amount of members we will allow we will monitor and cancel membership offer when appropriate.


Your Instructor

O. Max Gardner III and Roberto Rivera
O. Max Gardner III and Roberto Rivera

O. Max Gardner, III is perhaps the best known consumer bankruptcy attorney in the United States. His position on the front lines of the war against predatory lenders and mortgage servicers has captured the attention of ABC Nightline News, CNN, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and many other news outlets across the country. More importantly, it’s captured the attention of unethical lenders, servicers and collectors.

Max has been the lead attorney of record in many landmark cases, creating consumer-friendly precedent. Through his Bankruptcy Bootcamp, Max has been training motivated consumer attorneys from across the country to join in his battle against the lenders, creditors, mortgage servicers and collectors who profit from unethical practices and illegal fees.

Roberto "Bobby" Rivera is a nationally recognized loss mitigation consultant, professional speaker, and thought leader in loan modifications and home retention. With 20 years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industries, he has successfully modified loans for more than 1,500 homeowners, brokered hundreds of mortgages, and processed over 700 real estate transactions.

Mr. Rivera has established a reputation among the legal industry as the "go-to" consultant for loss mitigation. He has uncovered proprietary processes, formulas, and algorithms used by financial institutions in determining case outcomes. He has also applied Regulations X and Z to deepen his understanding of bank programs and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The training is available to you as soon as you process your payment. It is completely self-paced online training - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does 3-months sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for 3-months unless you select the monthly membership option - across any and all devices you own.

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